1. 9/12/2017   First day to file for a place on the Primary ballot for precinct chair                               candidates.
  2. 11/11/2017 First day to file for all other candidates for offices that are regularly                           scheduled to be on the Primary ballot.
  3. 12/11/2017 Filing deadline for candidates; filing deadline for independent                                     candidates to file declaration of intent.
  4. 1/1/2018     First day to apply for a ballot by mail using Application for a Ballot by                         Mail (ABBM) or Federal Postcard Application (FPCA).
  5. 2/5/2018     Last day to register to vote.
  6. 2/20/2018   First day of early voting.
  7. 2/23/2018   Last day to apply to Ballot by Mail (Received, not postmarked).
  8. 3/2/2018     Last day of early voting.
  9. 3/6/2018     ELECTION DAY – Last day to receive ballot by mail unless overseas                             deadline applies.

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