Texas Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine


RPT Volunteer of the Year Celebration September 22, 2017

Stuart Knowlton being honored as RPT, Senate District 19 Volunteer of the Year, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller, Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine, RPT Vice Chair Amy Clark, Atascosa County Chair Marian Knowlton, RPT Chair James Dickey, SREC reps Scott Stratton and Terri Dubose


Robin Armstrong, National Committeeman &
Toni Anne Dashiell, National Committeewoman

RPT Chairman James Dickey, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Ryan Sitton -Railroad Commissioner, Sid Miller – Ag Commissioner, Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine, Terri Dubose – SREC

Lining up for a group photo

State Republican Executive Committeewoman Terri Dubose and Atascosa County Chairman, Marian Knowlton

SD -19 Volunteer of the Year, Stuart Knowlton, featured speaker Star Parker, and Atascosa County Chairman, Marian Knowlton

Featured speaker Star Parker

Justice John Devine and Senator Bob Hall

The Texas Capitol Dome

The Texas House of Representatives

Supreme Court Justice John P. Devine and his wife, Nubia

Texas Supreme Court Justices



  1. 9/12/2017   First day to file for a place on the Primary ballot for precinct chair                               candidates.
  2. 11/11/2017 First day to file for all other candidates for offices that are regularly                           scheduled to be on the Primary ballot.
  3. 12/11/2017 Filing deadline for candidates; filing deadline for independent                                     candidates to file declaration of intent.
  4. 1/1/2018     First day to apply for a ballot by mail using Application for a Ballot by                         Mail (ABBM) or Federal Postcard Application (FPCA).
  5. 2/5/2018     Last day to register to vote.
  6. 2/20/2018   First day of early voting.
  7. 2/23/2018   Last day to apply to Ballot by Mail (Received, not postmarked).
  8. 3/2/2018     Last day of early voting.
  9. 3/6/2018     ELECTION DAY – Last day to receive ballot by mail unless overseas                             deadline applies.


The Atascosa County Republican Party County Executive Committee voted to support Bexar County in its’ resolution to censure Speaker Joe Straus for his failure to support the Republican Party platform voted on by more than 6,000 delegates during the State Convention held in 2016. The vote was taken at an emergency meeting called by Chairman Marian Knowlton on July 17, 2017.


James Dickey elected State Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas!

Today at the 2nd Quarter Meeting of the State Republican Executive Committee, James Dickey was elected interim Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.  He defeated Rick Figueroa by a vote of 32-31 in a hotly-contested race that followed the abrupt resignation of Tom Mechler on May 20, 2017. Senator John Cornyn called Chairman Dickey to offer his congratulations and pledge his support for increased funding for the Party.